• Use it - Fold it - Store it
  • The collapsible kitchen funnel is a simple, functional and practical object, which only takes up space when it is in use. The material is
  • flexible enough to be folded again and again, hard enough to keep its shape and durable enough to resist cold as well as hot
  • temperatures.
  • Boje met Normann Copenhagen, and in a co-operation with engineers all parties developed this special soft material - flexible
  • enough to fold together, hard enough to keep its shape and durable enough to take cold and heat as well as the repetition of
  • folding the funnel. The end product speaks for itself and apart from being space-saving and easy to clean the funnel is aesthetic.
  • Boje Estermann explains: “I was in my kitchen one day in need of a funnel. I deliberately had not bought one because funnels take
  • up a lot of space due to the non-flexible form. Nevertheless the funnel is an important part of the daily household and the core
  • problem for me was lack of kitchen space combined with an inflexible form. I started to think of the possible ways to design a
  • flexible funnel when I suddenly thought of my old reflex camera, which had a soft sunscreen, which folded out like an accordion
  • when the sun got too strong. The unique quality of the sunscreen was clearly that it only took up space when in use - this way the
  • seed to the collapsible funnel was sown”.
  • Designer: Boje Estermann, 2004
  • Red Dot Design Award 2005, Germany & Formex Priset 2004, Sweden & Design Plus 2005, Germany & Formland Prisen 2005, Denmark
  • H: 14,8 x L: 15 cm
  • Gewicht: 0.12
  • Caoutchouc
BESTPREIS - GARANTIE!(weiterführende Informationen in den AGB §14)

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