• Suitable for children over 4 years old. Targeted treatment different wart sizes: 12 large and 4 small application sticks. 16 applications for hands and feet. Fast & effective freezing method. Effective from the first use.
  • Scholl, the world's leading foot care specialist. Millions of people all over the world rely on the tried and tested brand Scholl, one of the world's largest organisations in the health care industry. With more than a hundred years' experience and an innovative, qualityfocused range, Scholl is the number 1* worldwide today in foot care and beautiful feet. Scholl offers wide range of optimally aligned foot care and foot treatment systems that meets every possible requirement. We continually carry out research and development on new technologies that make your life easier. The result is innovative, highquality products for the foot care market that meet the highest quality requirements. * Leading manufacturing brand according to LEH + Drogeriemarkt Germany, Source: AC Nielsen, LEH + DM, December 2015. Warts are not only unsightly, but also extremely annoying. Yet virtually everyone gets one at some point in their life and it can quickly become a constant companion. Developing unpleasant skin growth has nothing to do with poor hygiene, but rather warts are caused by a contagious virus. The virus transfers very easily where there are existing wounds, fungal infections or circulatory disorders. As children's defences are not yet fully developed, the virus can easily spread in nurseries, playing sports, or, for example, when in contact with gym or floor mats, or even in the swimming pool. This means that they are particularly at risk. Ordinary warts can appear anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found on hands and feet. Scholl Freeze Wart Remover contains 16 application sticks in two sizes. So large and small warts can receive targeted treatment. Effective from the first application, the wart quickly and effectively freezes over. Within 10 to 14 days, the wart usually detaches from the skin and new skin develops in its place. Scholl Freeze Wart Remover is based on the freezing methods used by doctors, is easy to use and is suitable for children aged 4 and over. When and how do I use Scholl Freeze Wart Remover? Before first use, read the instruction leaflet carefully. Have a clock to hand to ensure safe and effective use. 1. Attach a disposable applicator to the white application aid by sticking it into the large opening at the end. 2. Place the can upright on a table or another solid surface. Keep the can away from your face and other body parts, and from your clothing. Attach the dosage head as shown on the can so that the applicator sits in the clear safeguard on the can. 3. Hold the can as shown and press the dosage head for 5 seconds. Do not touch the clear safeguard on the can. 4. Remove the application aid together with the attached applicator from the can. The liquid must never come into contact with the skin. Keep the can away from your eyes. Wait 15 seconds before treating the wart and keep the application aid vertically downwards during this time. This will soak the applicator with fluid and allows it to reach the temperature required for effective treatment. 5. The wart being treated must be facing upwards. Keep the applicator vertically downwards and place it carefully onto the middle of the wart. Do not press down too hard. The applicator should stay for at least 30 seconds on the wart, but not longer than 40 seconds. Do not dab. Dispose of your applicator aid after one use.


  • ?7.6 x 4 x 12.8 cm - 100 Grams


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