NEYLLO - Pack of 5 reusable sanitary napkins (+ pouch)
NEYLLO - Pack of 5 reusable sanitary napkins (+ pouch)


  • Discover NEYLLO reusable sanitary pads made of ecological cotton and bamboo fiber certified Oeko-Tex for different flows. The comfortable, ecological and healthy solution that will replace traditional menstrual protection. They are also perfect for bladder leakage.ULTRA-ABSORBENT BAMBOO FIBERWe believe in a healthy world for intimate protection. Disposable tampons and pads use plastics and chemicals that are toxic to the body, responsible for hormone disruption (endocrine disruptors) and even cancer.NEYLLO cloth pads are the best alternative because they are free of pesticides, chlorine and dioxins. The bamboo fiber neutralizes odors. They are soft, discreet and comfortable to wear, so you can feel good and comfortable in any situation. COMFORTABLE AND WATERPROOF IN ALL SITUATIONSNEYLLO cloth towels are waterproof and won't sweat through your clothes so you won't feel like you're in your fluids during the day and will feel dry. They are perfect for sports, travel or sleeping at night and have an absorbency of up to 12 hours depending on flow and can be worn with your regular underwear.CONSUME LESS AND SAVE MOREWe spend thousands of dollars on average on intimate hygiene products in our lifetime. NEYLLO reusable pads save you from using tons of tampons and sanitary money now by abandoning disposable and polluting solutions. Take pride in making a positive impact on the environmentMore than 45 billion sanitary napkins and tampons are thrown away each year by millions of consumers. They are not recyclable and take 500 years to degrade.TRY IT SAFENEYLLO cloth pads last a lifetime and produce no waste. Use them, wash them and reuse them over and over again, they have a life span of 5 to 7 years. Forget about leaks and your old routine. Give yourself the comfort you deserve during your period
  • Bamboo fiber + microfiber


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