GENUINE Kitchen Aid Fridge Freezer Microswitch Ice Maker
GENUINE Kitchen Aid Fridge Freezer Microswitch Ice Maker


  • This is a genuine product. Take safety precautions when repairing any appliances. Repairs to gas appliances must only be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Genuine replacement micro ice maker for the freezer. Kitchen Aid Fridge Freezer micro ice maker.
  • Suitable for the following domestic appliances : Whirlpool 20BIL4A+, 20FB L4/A, 20FBL4/A, 20RB D3J, 20RB D3L, 20RB D3SF, 20RB D4L, 20RB D4LA, 20RBD3J, 20RBD3J, 20RBD3J1, 20RBD3J2, 20RBD3L, 20RBD3L, 20RBD3L1, 20RBD3L2, 20RBD3SF, 20RBD3SF, 20RBD3SF1, 20RBD4A+PT, 20RBD4APT, 20RBD4L, 20RBD4LA, 20RI D3J, 20RI D3L, 20RI D3S, 20RI D3SF, 20RI D4 ESPRESSO, 20RI D4ESPRESSO, 20RID3J, 20RID3J, 20RID3J1, 20RID3J2, 20RID3L, 20RID3L1, 20RID3LWP, 20RID3SF, 20RID3SF1, 20RID4, 20RID4 ESPRESSO, 20RID4A+PT, 20RID4APT, 20RID4ESPRESSO, 20RID4EXPR, ARG485/WP/01, ARG485WP01, ARG486, ARG486/WP, ARG486WP, ARG488.G, ARG488/G/BLACK, GC2027HXKB, GC2027HXKSI, GC2027HXKW, GRBB20/0L, GRBB2V20/0, GRBB2V200, GRSS20/0L, GRSS2V20/0, GRSS2V20/0WP, GRSS2V200, GRUU2V20/0, S20B.RBB20.A.G, S20B.RSB21, S20B.RSS31.A.G, S20B.RWW20, S20B.RWW20.A.G, S20B/RSS31/A/G, S20BRBB20 A/G, S20BRBB20A/G, S20BRBB20A1, S20BRBB20AG, S20BRBB22 A/G, S20BRBB22A/G, S20BRSB21 A/G, S20BRSB21.A.G, S20BRSB21A/G, S20BRSB21A1, S20BRSB21A2, S20BRSB21AG, S20BRSS31 A/G, S20BRSS31A/G, S20BRSS31A1, S20BRSS31AG, S20BRWW20 A/G, S20BRWW20A/G, S20BRWW20A1, S20BRWW20AG, S20DTSB33A2, S20DTSB33AG, S20E20BIL4A, S20EFII23 A, S20EFII231, S20EFII232, S20EFII23A, S20EFII23A, S20ERAA2V A/G, S20ERAA2VA/G, S20ERAA2VA1, S20ERAA32A/G, S20ERAA32A1, S20ERAA32AG, S20ERBB2V A/G, S20ERBB2VA/G, S20ERBB2VA1, S20ERBB2VAG, S20ERSS2V A/G, S20ERSS2VA/G, S20ERSS2VA1, S20ERSS33A/H, S20ERSS33A+1, S20ERSS33A+H, S20ERWW.2V, S20ERWW2V A/G, WSE5530S, WSE5530X, Admiral (Consumer Spares Only) GC2027HNKBS, GC2027HXKSI, SAL2027GBB, SAL2027GBS, Kitchen Aid (Comsumer Spares) KRSC9005/A, KRSC9005A+, KRSC9010/I, KRSC9011, KRSC9020/I, KRSC9020/I, KRSF9005/BL, KRSF9005/SL, KRSF9005BL, KRSF9005SL, KRSM9005, KRSM9005/A, Hotpoint MSZ801DF, MSZ806DFUK, Ikea 100.962.43, 10096243, 60096245, CFS8111S, MC2028HXKW, MSS20TBB4, Philips Whirlpool ARG481/PW/01, ARG484/WP/00, ARG490/PW, Amana (Consumer Spares Only) GC2027GNKBS


  • 1 x 1 x 1 cm - 100 Grams


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