• Synchronize and review your physical activity with the smartwatch callback. You can receive SMS notifications, messaging applications, etc ... its 1.32´´ screen allows rapid and comfortable navigation between the menus. Its Bluetooth 5.1 technology allows a quick connection with any smartphone with a minimum energy expenditure. It synchronizes with any smartphone very easily thanks to its APP Fitcloud Pro to enjoy its multiple health control functionalities activity and data. You can measure your heart rate thanks to its built -in precision sensor, your steps and the distance traveled with its rotometer and blood pressure, activate alarms by sedentary lifestyle as well as the calories consumed. Its app allows you to consult at all times the historical data and health. It also allows to control from the device many other smartphone functions such as the telephone camera trigger or the music player to listen, pass and pause songs. Its IP67 water resistance protects him perfectly from splashes. It also has updated climate information, constantly synchronized with your smartphone. The battery charge is done very simplely connecting its USB adapter cable to any USB load port. - Notifications: Receive call notices, SMS messages, social networks ... etc. It is no longer necessary to look for the smartphone to consult any message. - Sleep quality monitor: carries precise control of daily sleep hours as well as its quality. You can also save a historical record in the app to have all the necessary information. - Measurement of the heart rate: its precision heart rate meter allows you to know at all times the pulsations of your heart. - Potometer: Your built -in pomometer measures the steps you take on a day -to -day basis in addition to calculating the distance traveled. These data are saved in the app to be able to keep a record of your progress on a day -to -day basis. - Blood pressure meter. - Find the phone: you can activate from your device this function to activate the vibration and sound of your smartphone and thus be able to find it easily. - Sedentary lifestyle: The current lifestyle involves the risk of not moving enough, which can bring bad consequences for our health. Thanks to the notices for sedentary, we can configure that the device let us know when we have spent too much tempo without moving enough. - Heat control consumed: Thanks to all the information that your sensors provide, the device will report the daily calorie consumption to control the user's overweight. -Chamber control: You can wirelessly control your smartphone camera with a simple gesture. Take selfies and photos in any situation without having to press the phone button. - Audio reproduction control: You can control your smartphone audio player from your device. It is no longer necessary to look for the phone to change in search of the song you want, upload the volume or stop the music. A comfortable gesture of your wrist is more than enough. - Smart alarms: Configure various alarms on your device so as not to forget any event or appointment on a day -to -day basis. - Updated climate information. - Multisport mode: It has various sport modes to keep a precise record according to the activity carried out: running, basketball, swimming, climbing ... etc. - IP67 Water Protection: Protect your splash, sweat and humidity device on a day -to -day basis. - Bluetooth 5.1: which allows a rapid transfer of data between the device and the smartphone with a minimum energy consumption. - 1.32´´ screen size. - 220 mAh battery capacity. - Compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10.0 or superior. - Compatible app: Fitcloud Pro. - Load mode: Magnetic USB cable.


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