• A high-performance macro lens that expands the possibilities of macro photography
  • Maximum magnification of 1.4x
  • Minimum focus distance of 26cm
  • SA control ring for freely changing the look of bokeh
  • High image quality equal to the EF 100mm f/2,8L Macro IS USM
  • 5EV Image Stabilizer, coordinated with 8EV Hybrid Stabilization
  • Nano USM Engine Optimized AF Performance
  • Focus Breathing Effect Removed
  • The First 1x Ratio Macro Lens in RF Mount:
  • This 100mm RF macro was highly anticipated! It is probably one of the most popular professional fixed focal lengths for expert amateurs and pros alike.
  • Concretely going beyond the standard 1x magnification:
  • By offering a higher magnification, unheard of in other macro lenses, it increases users' potential and shooting possibilities while demonstrating the current and future superiority of RF lens potential.
  • Additional Creativity and Functionality with SA Control Ring:
  • The EF 100mm macro has long been a popular lens for macro and portraiture practice. The addition of the ability to control bokeh and softness via the softfocus effect, simply confirms the excellent creative potential of this lens.
  • Even closer for small subjects at larger than life size:
  • The world's first AF Macro lens allowing an incredible 1.4x reproduction ratio.
  • Spherical aberration control for optimum bokeh and soft focus effect on the subject
  • 100mm constant f/2.8 aperture focal length
  • L Series image quality, construction and design
  • Advanced image stabilizer and AF system
  • For expert amateurs and professionals alike :
  • Photographers who want to take their macro photography further by going beyond the standard 1x magnification and having the freedom to choose the bokeh rendering they want.
  • Photographers who want to achieve a wide variety of expressions, primarily in portraiture, with high image quality and the ability to freely choose the bokeh rendering they desire.
  • Spherical Aberration Control SA Ring:
  • This new ring rotates smoothly in either the positive or negative direction (with a detent at the zero position that allows it to be locked in that position via a slider to prevent unintentional shifting). The angle of view and exposure changes depending on the action on the SA ring.
  • Hybrid IS Image Stabilizer:
  • The lens is equipped with the popular Hybrid Image Stabilizer for RF lenses. In addition to stabilizing camera shake which has a significant effect in running shooting, the slow up and down camera movement that is a typical problem in macro can be compensated for to ensure comfortable handheld shooting. Hand-held vibration is suppressed for the best macro shooting.
  • Nano USM motors, optimized performance:
  • Thanks to 2 quiet Nano USM motors, focusing is fast and very accurate.
  • In still photography, high-speed AF: focus quickly shifts from close-up to infinity and is compatible with moving subjects.
  • In video, smooth AF focusing: because of its smooth AF, this lens is well suited for video. With the added benefit of suppressing the breathing fluctuations of the main subject due to focusing, it is possible to record very natural video.
  • Reduced Focus Breathing Effect:
  • The angle of view variation (framing) and the subject's breathing fluctuation due to focusing, which were especially noticeable in the macro range, are eliminated.
  • Water and dust resistant construction:
  • The water and dust resistant construction ensures the safety of the lens in case of a sudden rain shower when shooting outdoors. Gaskets are applied to sectional links, controls, panels, etc. to prevent dust and moisture intrusion. In addition, the reliability is suitable for professional-type use as with other L lenses.
  • Fluorine treatment:
  • The surface of the front lens is treated with fluorite. Oils and water are repelled and oil easily wiped off with a simple dry cloth without the need for solvents.
  • Tropicalization yes
  • Lens focal length 100mm
  • Canon RF mount
  • 24x36 compatible sensors
  • Lens stabilization yes
  • Nano USM dual motor AF motor
  • Maximum aperture f/2.8
  • Minimum aperture f/32
  • 9-blade circular diaphragm
  • Lenses / groups 17 / 13
  • Minimum focusing distance 0.26 m
  • Maximum reproduction ratio x 1.4
  • Filter diameter 67 mm
  • Lens dimensions 81.5 x 148 mm
  • Lens weight 730 g
  • Lens hood ET-73C included
  • Multiplier compatibility not
  • Accessories included E-67II lens cap / ET-73C lens hood / LP1222 soft case


  • DeinDeal AG exclusively sells genuine Canon products.
    DeinDeal AG is not member of the distribution network of Canon.


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