• Producer: Samura
  • About Samura:
  • SAMURA a team of professionals who create uniquely designed, high-end knives. We started our journey in 2003. We made our first product lines with the Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta. Japanese philosophy and traditions run deep in our DNA. We are absolutely sure that a Japanese knife cuts better than a European one. Japanese knives remain sharper longer and retain their edges longer.
  • Samura has been making its knives at production sites in four countries since 2010. We are currently producing 18 knife lines and a huge number of kitchen accessories. We use the best modern materials for the handle: Micarta, G10, stabilised wood, plastic with a soft-touch coating, Kraton, and composites.
  • KAIJU knives
  • Samura Kaiju is a modern series of soled kitchen knives made af nielloed hammered steel eith a wavy shaped and polished edge. The knives sport a classical silhouette, wooden handle and unexceptible sharpness. Ideal for home use, and with their stunning appearance they will adorn the interior of any kitchen.
  • Buying a set of Japanese knives from the Samura Kaiju collection means making the right gift choice for understanding people! It is appropriate to give knives to both women and men - this is a win-win option for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, and other joyful events. And do not forget yourself: sometimes you want to give a gift to yourself.
  • What is the Samura Kaiju set good for?
  • Packaging attracts attention first. Stylish, concise, beautiful ... The deep black color emphasizes the dazzling brilliance of the blades of each knife, and the mysterious monster emerging from the depths adds atmospheric. Such a box should not be hidden in wrapping paper when packing a gift: it looks gorgeous and emphasizes the sophistication of the contents.
  • Inside the box are three knives, impressive at first sight. A memorable drawing transforms the familiar surface of the blade, making a work of art from each knife. Blackened steel and a neat pouch handle are details that complement the look of a chic gift.
  • The cook three, unsurpassed in the functionality, consisting of vegetable, universal and the Chef-knife is a sufficient minimum in any kitchen, home or professional. Such a set is the best gift of a kitchen theme that you can imagine!
  • Kaiju Vegetable Knife is a great solution for peeling vegetables and fruits. Lightweight, small in size and weight, convenient for cutting the peel or splitting into slices.
  • The Kaiju universal knife is capable of literally doing everything. It's easy for them to cut bread, peel potatoes, chop vegetables for salad. It is capable of almost everything that is required in the kitchen.
  • Kaiju Chef is the main character in cooking. It is for them that it is most convenient to chop the cabbage, craft the fish, cut the steaks and do thousands more of these things.
  • The company of such knives is what you need for efficient and laid-back cooking!
  • The strongest steel blades with blackening effectively prevent product sticking to the knives, and the impeccable sharpness of the cutting edge lasts a very long time and does not require frequent editing. To buy a set of Japanese knives Samura Kaiju can afford a person who knows how to appreciate quality tools. Well, getting such a gift is the dream of anyone who understands good things!
  • By the way, such knives can be supplemented with a special stand or a magnetic holder - beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, everything is in its place and always at hand. In our catalog there are many options for storage.
  • Looking for great knives for your kitchen? Respect the correct sets from Japan? It is worth considering buying a set of Japanese knives.
  • Choosing a practical and spectacular gift? Give Samura Kaiju!


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